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Wonderul, Musical Evenings... and conversations of creating a better world

Dear friends,

Well, I have heard so much wonderful musisc at accoustic coffee, that it is almost selfish to keep it to myself.  I already told you in another of my journal entry's about the music by another independent musicians I heard there (her names was Elana Arian (you can hear her music here: -the song 'This Time' is one of her greatest..but that music player on her website is kinda' confusing, I recommend 'right-cliking on the song then clicking 'play').

Well, the last two nights were great too.  On Friday night, Rachel Griffin, (  ) was there playing her heart out.  Her mother, her boyfriend and even her boyfriend's mom were in the front seat.  It was a real family event.  Rachel is really in touch with her music too.  Amazing. Wow.  She sung a great song about peace.  She said that she would love to perform on July 22nd at our next music video documentary!  Sweet!  I told Mandy (who went to the Rainbow Gathering) about it and she said, "Oh, I know her!  She is a friend of my friend Amy!"  :)

Small world.  or small town. 

On Saturday night, Paul Bishop Brown, an activist musician was playing there.  It was incredible.  He said that he is looking forward to playing in our next music video documentary on July 22nd!  Awesome!  He had an incredibly amazing song about how people should unite to work for a better world, and another song about saying "NO!" to 'Manifest Destiny' which treats the land 'like a commodity.'  Incredibly wonderful.

Paul has such great activist music, too.  Accoustic coffee was set up, warm and cozy, like someone's living room too... more so than ever before.  No, you've heard that before I know from other coffee house folks.  But there was a circular couch in the front, and over to the side and Paul brought all his lamps from his house and told everyone (full house) the names of each, the sentimental value behind each, and there was even a light show!  Nice!


Those aren't lights of the light show we saw, just some Northern Lights... sorta like the one I saw in Alaska so long ago.  But they were still just as special as the other nights.  Mmmmmm.  Happy memories.

I also talked to Patricia today, who mentioned having land for the Rescue Community to use to possibly help with an Arts and Music vision she has.  She said she will definitely be at our July 15th meeting which will be a wonderful outdoor picnic by the lake.  Thats beautiful.  

So many of our members are into Arts and music.  I really hafta' get more back into music.  My sould soars like never b'for with good music. 

Thank you all for listening,

Love for the people,

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