love2helpothers (love2helpothers) wrote in 2rescueand2help,

Working towards Diversity...



Dear friends,

Our meeting on June 22nd was very nice.  We had pizza, music, snacks, juice and good friends.  Two new folks showed up which was nice.  As a person of color, I also thought it was nice that we had such an ethnically diverse group in that african-americans, asian-amerians and more attended this meeting.  We always welcome all races, social classes and ethnicities (though it is very hard to do in Maine because of the lack of racial diversity).

It is strange that some of our members can only stay for a little bit since we are all involved in so many projects elsewhere.  I'm looking forward to the picnic beneath the blue sky on July 15th, 2006.  We also talked about finding land by october 1st.

Love ya all!  :)

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