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2 Rescue and 2 Help www.RescueCommunity.org

June 4th, 2006

Yesterday, June 3rd, 2006 was A Very Magical Saturday in my opinion... @ 03:39 pm

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Yesterday, June 3rd, 2006 was A Very Magical Saturday in my opinion for many reasons. I would like to share three of those reasons with you: 

#1. Another Community member dedicated to rescues contacted Kate, </a></font></a>kateandcora after seeing our Rescue Community blog! Awesome! 

#2. Our newest music video documentary: "(part 2 of 10) Creating Social Justice Communities: Share Your Dreams of Community" is now being aired three times a week throughout the month of June on Channel 2! If you go to the Channel 2 website and click "TV Schedule" you will see on the 'Saturdays in June' schedule: "Creating Social Justice Communities 12:30pm, 7:30pm, 2:30am - Part II in a series of programs which describes how to create a Social Justice Diversa-Village where activists live and work together rent free." Our video is also viewable on our website at http://www.RescueCommunity.org or http://www.LaComunidadDeRescate.org so no matter where you are in this world, you can see it! #3. The conversations and networking at our community meetings keep getting better and better. I think community meetings are an art form. =============================================

 So below is the reply Kate received to our community blog: Our community blog is here http://community.livejournal.com/2rescueand2help/ and the below entry on Kate's blog is here http://community.livejournal.com/2rescueand2help/928.html#comments Their reply was: "Hey there Kate....My name is BE LOVE and I am a katrina relief volunteer here in New Orleans. I arrived in November of last year and am currently helping my familly ( emergencycommunities.org ) shut down our 6 month relief kitchen here in the saint bernards parish and relocate operations to Plachemens Parish and also further in the zone here in Violet area. We will be done wrapping this all up within the next week and I was just referred by another sister to your web-site. I always go with the winds of the spirits and have realized right away that I would love to be in Portland Main right now helping the Rescue Comminity with this mission as it is so much in line with the mission of our new foundling non-profit - The Just BE Foundation" - "If you could be so kind as to direct me to the amazing humans in the Portland area that may help to facilitate my arival and involment in this most amazing journey of love and true compassion i would be so happy. Thank you for your involvement in anything of this vibration Kate Peace and Love BE LOVE =============================================== You can... - View the discussion: http://community.livejournal.com/2rescueand2help/928.html?thread=928 - View all comments on the entry: http://community.livejournal.com/2rescueand2help/928.html Much like Saul encouraged us all to do during his wonderful Networking 'Pooled Media' Presentation on May 15th, I encourage everyone to add your comments. You don't need to register with livejournal to add comments. :) I know Zoe and Mandy have livejournal accounts too. :) At our meeting yesterday... people came and enjoyed themselves despite the torrential rain. Wonderful solidarity! :) Also, the conversations at our community meetings keep getting better and better. I think community meetings are an art form. A multimedia form of communication that reaches and touches all senses. For example... The meeting was held at A company of girls at 10 Mayo street. Some soft music by an independent artist was placed on the CD player. The musician played at Acoustic Coffee last week and it just so happened Richasu, </a></font></strong></a>richasu and I were in the audience. We both bought CD's and signed up on the email list because the music was so good. (Though, I have been in email correspondence with her requesting her to reconsider their use of myspace which is oppressive. But the musicians simply said that they would 'consider' giving up myspace, even after I told said it was owned by Fox News and myspace advertises for Wal-Mart, the military and I detailed the way myspace is oppressive to independent artists: 
http://www.rinf.com/columnists/news/myspacefox-artists-beware ).  

However, their music was fantastic. And there was a certain warmth to the wooden floor boards made more apparent by the sound of rain outside. Richasu arrived, then more folks came. New bags of pretzels, chips and French Onion Dip were opened along with many other snacks. A new bottle of Ginger-Ale was poured. Then twenty minutes into the meeting... the aromatherapy of the pizza delivery came! yummmmmmmy! We had a large variety Pizza, another large Vegan Pizza with no cheese and thinly sliced bell peppers and more. (About 1/3 of our members are vegans and raw foodists). Yummmmmmm. There was also very tasty garlic bread sticks which were incredible and some folks dipped their pizza in the delicious marinarra sauce that came with it. Some members arrived early and left early. Some came about an hour after the meetings started and left when it was all done. I love the unstressful flowing nature of our meetings. More members arrived and we had a wonderful conversation about everything we could think of while music played in the background and rain fell softly outside. This is what I envision about community. Time for people to simply talk, get to know each other and value life. As a rescue community, we value not only our lives... but the lives of the people who we rescue in their times of need. No one should be left behind in another Hurricane katrina event. But the meeting did not end there. A sustainable community meeting's ending is just as important as the start and the meeting itself. Everyone offered to take out trash, help clean up, and give rides to others who did not have rides and Will seperated the cardboard Pizza box from the other trash to recycle it seperately. Awesome! As usual, friends and members were asked to take food home since there was plenty for everyone, and to take food to others in their community who might want some. Afterwards I went to an independent coffee shop with live musicians. I saw a band playing there. And they were sometimes not in sync at all. Yet once they got into sync, they were wonderful. Once they even got into a very audible disagreement with each other over which key they should be playing in. Then the singer came to the mic and said to everyone "It isn't easy folks... but the good news is thats the closest we've ever come to an argument." Pretty funny. And then when they did get in sync, their music was so powerful, and heart moving. They sung about people needing homes, and mental asylums too full, and people dying for love and all the most powerful songs. And I realized... that just as their music was an art form... so are community meetings. ...so I want to thank you all for helping to creating such a beautiful art form... known as community meetings... ...in a work in progress that will touch and illumniate the world in a way stronger than the Mona Lisa.

Indeed, June 3rd, 2006 was A Very Magical Saturday... and I know that there will be many more wonderful days ahead as our community continues to work to help others around the world. Love for the people, -love2helpothers Rescue Community http://www.RescueCommunity.org or http://www.LaComunidadDeRescate.org Printable schedules of our upcoming meetings and Nationwide caravan trips and schedule are below in thre different formats for you. 

#1. Printable pdf format. 

#2. Printable document format 

#3. Printable webpage format 

 A Better World Is Within Reach - Peace Network 
http://www.aworldofpeace.org I

magine Seven 

Below is the Community blog for the Rescue Community. We welcome people worldwide to join, create a blog and post or simply post comments. 
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